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Maximum Balloon- “Groove Me” – Dir.: Carlos Lopez Estrada

Waiting for Superman.

Jeez, got enough infographics in your trailer. Done by The end bit (“THIS is what it’ll look like”) was confusing to me, though.

Having watched it on Vimeo, I seriously wish I had watched the ANNOTATED VERSION, HERE.

Journalism in the Age of Data on Vimeo. It’s 50 minutes, but it’s a really good watch and I wanted to finish the whole thing before I posted it.

Potentially Useful Notes:

-The woman who oversees and works on all the New York Times infographics, Amanda Cox, shows up a lot and is one of my favorite characters—mainly because their infographics are actually cool. I’ve never seen anything like them.

-Around 14 minutes the documentary takes a turn from praises and successes to failures.

-By 20-21 minutes the focus switches to the highs and lows of acclaim at the Malofiej design conference/awards

-26 explains, using an infographic, why the awards are meaningless. 

-27 minutes in gets into individuals and data, featuring Felton’s work.

-31 we see kanye/taylor and the lack of exploration into realtime data vis.

-Shortly after that it gets back into efficacy and accessibility, which has been the major theme of the documentary.

-By 40 we’re well into the boundaries of infographics, like the limits of ways to do infographics for the web (javascript, but mostly Flash).

-I stopped taking notes towards the end, it takes like 15 minutes to close things up. 

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Tame Impala, “Lucidity” dir. Robert Hales

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Oval – “Ah!” (director: Darko Dragičević)

LCD – Soundsystem – Home

The Breakfast Club XXX (Minus XXX)

Still, because of language, not really SFW.

Copyright Criminals


A religion adapted from Shinto giving souls to all beings, technological and organic (cyber-shinto). It posits that the polarizations between organic and in-organic is lessening, thus suggesting a singularity.


Logorama (Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film – 82nd Academy Awards 2010 – Won) is on Vimeo.

[Check out that Futurama reference around 2:20]