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2001 would give a little insight into my metaphysical interests… I’d be very surprised if the universe wasn’t full of an intelligence of an order that to us would seem God-like. I find it very exciting to have a semi-logical belief that there’s a great deal to the universe we don’t understand, and that there is an intelligence of an incredible magnitude outside the Earth. It’s something I’ve become more and more interested in. I find it a very exciting and satisfying hope.

Stanley Kubrick (via itsfullofstars)

Stanley Kubrick

I don’t know that much about chess, but it looks like a Reverse Kings Gambit on Kubrick’s side with a knight development, don’t know where white’s going.


Stanley Kubrick vs. Stephen King. Exterior vs. Interior menace in the Shining. (Really brilliant film analysis, thanks for sharing Monica)

Space Odyssey