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Link: The Other Other 67.5: Usher and Man Goat

Usher-Papers lyrics vs. Man Goat by VJ Ann O’Nymous

Link: Sesame Street Tumblr


Link: Play: YouTube/Guggeinheim Biennial of Creative Video

Why is it only on YouTube, why not start to include Vimeo submissions? I’m sure half of the answer is just that they’d have to deal with a whole new company, and solidify things with sponsors (HP, Google/YouTube, and Intel)—I am clearly motivated by personal reasons.

Also, all of the judge artists are interesting, eventually you’ll see works by all of them here.

Link: YouTube: Instant

Everything, Instantly.

Link: Youtube Time Machine

Iso50 posted this found footage video by a band called “The Soft Moon” earlier, and I was compelled to talk about it a little bit more than it had been in the comments section. The footage is actually from some of the earliest avant-garde experiments in films perceptual qualities, how depth, volume, and other geometrics are communicated through time in two dimensional space. Here’s a straight up comparison of the two videos (If you’re viewing this on tumblr, please click the perma-link button to see the videos in frame):

Man Ray actually assisted Duchamp with the film shown previously, as well as with a film called “Ballet Mécanique” that’s also worth checking out.


This might be the most powerful case for space exploration yet.

Link: Sort and Sweet

This is sort of like that show on food network that shows how your foods are made, except its unofficial.

GawkerTV – Dumbest Stuff Said About the Internet 

NASA SDO AIA – July 20, 2010 Flare