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Anatomical illustration from Edo-period Japan, this one’s supposed to be of a human skeleton and is dated to 1732. Wowzers.

Halloween is coming up, i’m getting in the spirit!

Luke Ramsey


A spreadsheet plot written out by J.K. Rowling. Her approach to spreadsheet plotting is to divide the columns by chapter number, story timeline, chapter title, main plots and subplots.

Philip K. Dick

Yokai illustrations: artwork referencing Japanese folklore.

Hayakume: a Yokai who guards temples from vandals and thieves. If he sees a thief, one of his eyes flies off and attatches itself to the theif.

Shannon Freshwater

Andy Rementer

From the comments:

Actual human families are all alike; every cartoony family is cartoony in its own way.

(A play on the famous “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” from Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.

Dress the Part by Moxy Creative

World’s Largest Buildings Circa 1884

This was on Kottke awhile back, the photographs you can find on wikipedia these days are incredible.

Josh Ellingson take on a favorite Hopper for Wired. I think I’ve seen the original at the Chicago art museum. Used to be my favorite, before I found out how much his landscape work influenced Hitchcock and saw more of his work.