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Anatomical illustration from Edo-period Japan, this one’s supposed to be of a human skeleton and is dated to 1732. Wowzers.

Halloween is coming up, i’m getting in the spirit!

Samuel Beckett waits for the Dog and Cat dynamic to play itself out.

The Future is Now #32:

February 7, 1954 – Washington, DC – TV singer Jeanne Dowling lights a cigarete for Elektro, a seven foot robot built by Westinghouse. The robot, which is fully capable of “puffing” the cigarette itself, can also play the piano and do other tricks. The robot is exhibited at a local hotel here.

Pres. John F. Kennedy inhales

John Foster’s Accidental Mysteries, 10.17.10

Stanley Kubrick

I don’t know that much about chess, but it looks like a Reverse Kings Gambit on Kubrick’s side with a knight development, don’t know where white’s going.

The Ladies of The Hell’s Angels

Russia in color

Young William Gibson

When Legends Gather #606