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Luke Ramsey

Link: Award to Artist Who Gives Slums a Human Face (TED Prize)

“One of my concerns at first was that he wasn’t going to be accessible or available, which could be off-putting when you’re trying to get partners to get excited about a project,” she added. And, in fact, the first time prize officials had a Skype conversation with the artist, he appeared in sunglasses with a hat pulled low over his forehead.“

But then he said, ‘You know, I trust you guys,’ and he took them off,” Ms. Novogratz said, “and we just had a regular old conversation.”

Fascinating, but a weird decision. We’ll see how this plays out come March. I wonder how successful previous TED winners projects have been, statistics anyone?


Willi Dorner, choreographer, creates human sculptures in New York City. Reminds me Mark Jenkins work.

The Face of the City

∞Pickpocket by blu

Pia in Rio de Janeiro

Best Ever