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Anatomical illustration from Edo-period Japan, this one’s supposed to be of a human skeleton and is dated to 1732. Wowzers.

Halloween is coming up, i’m getting in the spirit!

Nissan NX-21, 1983

Look at the interior on those doors, man I wish I could roll around in one of these. The lines are so simple, in fact, I think the back half of the car is illustrated.

Addictive ads, 1894-1954

Japanese cityscapes with monster-sized wildlife


A religion adapted from Shinto giving souls to all beings, technological and organic (cyber-shinto). It posits that the polarizations between organic and in-organic is lessening, thus suggesting a singularity.


Medical woodblock prints from 19th-century Japan

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) maintains a collection of 400 health-themed woodblock prints from 19th-century Japan. The collection — which includes drug advertisements, illustrated instructions for treating and preventing contagious diseases, and visual guides to the human body — offers a unique look at Japanese medical knowledge in the late Edo and early Meiji periods. Here are a few images from the collection.

Reminds me of a version of a the Japanese cover for Philip K. Dick’s Valis. This one’s titled, the “ten realms within the body”.

Good Design Expo 2010

99 cute trademarked characters from Japan


Future Transportation