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My first blog, for the longest time, I could not find. But, despite naming it a very obscure reference to Radiohead’s liner notes from the song “Paranoid Android” on OK Computer, I tracked it down! AND I even remembered the password.

Unfortunately, the riddle of “7yuczhd2” has yet to be solved, and my blog is the top google search result.

edit: re-opened my old blog (formerly called: “Your Blood (Honey)”) and privated a lot of it—meanwhile imported both of my old blogs on livejournal “alloftheoptions” and the aforementioned. Hooray for combining the archives of my history.


EDIT EDIT: Just because this is the first internet trail that comes up on Google, I’m adding my current page and stickying this post. The previous entries are imported from tumblr, private journal entries, or miscellaneous posts that were on this blog prior to my switch to tumblr. Again, here’s the current page (this site is pretty much abandoned, proudly, but without deletion, like my previous blogs/journals/etc):


Link: Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood explains why the band released their last album direct to their fans

I’m unconvinced that the internet has replaced the club or the concert hall as a forum for people to share ideas and passions about music. Social networking models such as Twitter and foursquare are early efforts at this but have some way to go to emulate the ecosystem that labels such as Island drew upon, the interconnected club and studio worlds of managers, musicians, artists and record company mavericks, let alone pay for such a fertile environment. Shoreditch, in east London, has a vibrant scene right now, with independent labels such as WichitaBella Union and distribution companies like The Co-op, alongside the busy Strongroom studio. I spoke to a friend, Dan Grech-Marguerat, about the scene. He is a busy mixer and producer, and told me that he could just sit at home and work on the computer but would miss the social buzz and benefits of working at the Strongroom and other studios.

There are signs that the net is moving out of its adolescence, and preparing to leave its bedroom. I have noticed on the fan message sites that a lot of the content and conversations have grown up, moved away from staccato chat and trolling, to discussions about artists, taste and trends, closer to writing found in music magazines.

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Link: Radiohead-Approved, Fan-Shot Concert Movie Released

At a Radiohead gig at Prauge’s Výstaviště Holešovice Exhibition Hall on August 23, 2009, more than 50 fans collaborated to shoot in-the-crowd footage on Flip phones. The video was assembled and edited to make a concert film called Live in Praha, and then Radiohead themselves gave the Czech fans behind the concert film their own audio masters from the show, according to the Live in Praha site and confirmed by a representative from the band. (Via The Guardian.) It sounds amazing.

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Independence Day is a really entertaining movie, and it went up 22% this week in popularity according to IMdb. Besides featuring Jeff Goldbloom as a beautiful and hot nerdyeco-friendly TV producer, the film has plenty of other great elements. Eva, a friend of mine, really wanted to watch the movie this weekend. I got a copy and watched it, though unfortunately she wasn’ t around to join me—hopefully she can fullfil this urge soon. Onto the movie, the first lady and president are incredibly likable and young. The translation from film to reality, didn’t apply in the same way in previous years (duh). Also, they’re dealing with aliens and have to coordinate a global strike on them within a two minute security breach generated by a computer virus (also, nice 2001/HAL reference on Goldblum’s personal computer) [side note: how much carbon is emitted from an atomic bomb?]. The film reminds me of Watchmen. If the end of the graphic novel were the only subject of the movie, and it were a (!!!Spoiler Alert!!!) “real” alien attack instead of a well-thought-out concocted one designed to bring the world together. At the end of Watchmen the smartest person in the world creates a fake alien. This alien is teleported to New York City, in what seems like an inter-dimensional attack. The alien arrives dead; but, because of the method of transport, a massive amount of people die in NYC. Everyone in the world suddenly forgets about their house of cards, and everyone lives happily ever after. Independence Day is basically the same thing except the point isn’t to focus on the psychological disorders and complexes superheros must have. It’s not really a new idea, just applicable, and I don’t think that the 22% increase in popularity is a coincidence. The comic book is specifically (in goal) anti-reganism. I can’t say I know a great deal about present criticism of American economy policy, beyond what I’ve heard on This American Life, but I do know that a lack of regulation is a major culprit. I don’t think Independence Day has anything to say about the financial sector, but I do think that there is ‘aliens’ amuck that seem to be bringing the world together. Well, in my dreams, but the movie’s pretty fun to watch.

Should be working on homework more right now; however! My friend Michael Warshaur just called with the best news: A new Radiohead album! AND! It’s self released, YOU get to pick the price of it if you’re just downloadingit, and it’s comming out in just 10 DAYS. Amazing. Brilliant.