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Link: All you need to know about the Lebron James shit

Why the fuck is comic sans on this website?


Are you familiar with:

The Risk Pool. A film by the director/producer of The Big Chill, Grand Canyon, and French Kiss. It’s staring Tom Hanks, and no doubt is about liberalism, I bet it’s good.

Reverse Graffiti. I’ve talked about this, and other contemporary street art activities in the past. But I’d like to draw attention to a particular artist: Ossario.

The Coming Apocalypse, and Planning for it. Just a cool question on metafilter that particularly struck my interest. Also from metafilter, mulled wine. Not a bad way to warm yourself up on a post-apocalyptic winter eve.

The Sigur Ros documentary coming out. Actually theres a ton of great documentary’s coming out (i.e. I’m Not There), but this one looks sweet: Heima

The braille tattoo. Found through kottke, posted with braille graffiti. Through which I discovered probably one of the most inspirational things I’ve seen in a long time: the time based art festival. And speaking of art, 100 shirtless men at abercrombie, from improv. everywhere.

Topanga, I Hardly Knew Ye. A boy meets world reference.