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“There’s now a buzz on the Kentish cheese scene.”

So I had just got done having a conversation and working for a British woman in Whitstable, and I’m walking around the seaside town on a beautiful day, when suddenly a cheese shop catches my eye—The Cheese Box. So Matt (my partner in crime) and I go in, and the clerk asks if we want to try some of “Kelly’s Goat.” Duh, we do. Somehow I find myself buying some, without even trying anything else (one taste = sell), and he hands me a pamphlet and tells me to check them out on youtube (he also asked if I was “much of a cheese head,” I can’t say I am. But I want to be, now!). Well, I couldn’t find them on youtube, but I did find them on KentTV. Wow, what an amazing cheese. Honestly, one of the best cheeses I’ve ever had. It tastes like nothing else, it’s sort of cheddery, farmy, but sort of has a blue cheese tangyness with a creamy texture while still remaining solid—It’s all local too, produce and sold in Kent. Plus it’s of the goat variety, which is easier on the digestive system. I only wish I had discovered it sooner.