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The Cool Hall of Fame #196


Here are some video’s I’ve seen lately. First is the music video. Notice the slow children food throwing. Notice the color filter. Notice the way that the story becomes a narrative in a seemingly chaotic and childish environment for the romantic.

Menomena – Rotten Hell

Trapped in the closet, notice how absurd. Is this really happening? Of course.

An article about the great American abstract filmmaker Stan Brackhage. Thanks again Design Observer.

How about we give it up again for Anton Corbijn (director of such 100s of music videos, responsible for the living sight of more than hundreds of musicians), who has no published a cinematic about the Joy Division.

Finally, the audio and visual condensation of Andrew Bird. This video wasn’t shown at his performance, but it was certainly performed with a different (different) video. Andrew Bird – Imitosis

Are you familiar with altruism, or eusociality?