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Justin Waldron

Medical woodblock prints from 19th-century Japan

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) maintains a collection of 400 health-themed woodblock prints from 19th-century Japan. The collection — which includes drug advertisements, illustrated instructions for treating and preventing contagious diseases, and visual guides to the human body — offers a unique look at Japanese medical knowledge in the late Edo and early Meiji periods. Here are a few images from the collection.

Reminds me of a version of a the Japanese cover for Philip K. Dick’s Valis. This one’s titled, the “ten realms within the body”.

Good Design Expo 2010

Execution Chambers

Link: Sayonara (Goodbye) | Satoshi Kon’s last words

Satoshi Kon, the director of anime movies Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Millenium Actress and Paprika, as well as the TV series Paranoia Agent, died on Tuesday, August 24th at the age of 46. He left behind a rambling but extraordinary document, which his family has posthumously posted on his blog.

They’re the last words of a supremely talented artist who knows he is dying very soon, with work left unfinished. It’s been the talk of the Japanese internet, and it struck me deeply. via Murmujú

Japanese Map T-shirt from Nonfiction Tees

Someone please buy me this.

I wouldn’t mind these, either (from the same shop):

Nasa Map T-Shirt
Plant Cell T-Shirt
Bauhaus T-Shirt

Link: Yakuza video game reviewed by real Japanese gangsters


だまれ (da-ma-reh) : To be silent


Aftermath: Japan #13