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The distance to the moon is 385,000,000,000 mm. The size of an unkerned piece of normal cut Helvetica at 100pt is 136.23 mm. Therefore it would take 2,826,206,643.42 helveticas to get to the moon.

(via kottke)


Decided to change it up for this one. Instead of film news and movie news, and the like. I decided to post a roundup of great videos I watched on the internet this month. It may slow loading time a bit, but it should be fairly enjoyable. Thanks for waiting 😉

New video for Giorgio Tuma “And three parasol stars”. out on Elefant Records Video by Emanuele Kabu

A Humanoid robotic body developed by Kaist called ‘Hubo Humanoid’ has installed an animatronic head of Albert Einstein from a well known engineer David Hanson of Hanson Robotics. Those who fear the uncanny valley beware.

VIDEOGIOCO animation and concept by Donato Sansone

Trailer for the new documentary from the director of Helvetica.

Let’s Paint,Exercise,& Blend Drinks TV!

Chemical Brother’s Star Guitar music video by Michele Gondry

Trailer for a documentary about John Hughes

Trailer for a French cowboy film called Lucky Luke–they love cowboys over there. (the flash video player isn’t working for some reason, none-the-less, the link is visitable).

There’s quite a bit more where that came from, but I imagine this already slowed the sites loading time way down. Enjoy.

Recently saw the Helvetica documentary, 4 stars. It was amazing, traced modernism and (without mentioning it) the idea of postmodernism (and all the subordinate political, epistemological, and symbolic elements) through the design of type. The style and presentation was fantastic, and the cinematography was perfectly modern to fit the default beauty that is Helvetica.

Also recently saw the movie Across the Universe. In my opinion, one of the worst movie’s I’ve seen this year. And I’ll explain myself. The lighting was terrible. The cinematography could have been good, but wasn’t. The film was set up as theater, and theater can look good on film is the aesthetic of film is taken into account, I do not think the movie did this. The casting was also good, for theater, but fairly bad for both the Beatles covers and the character development the film suggested. I give it 1.5 stars.

Check this old film from the 1970’s out. Sort of predicted and flat screens I guess, my sister showed me.

And also, in honor Sagan Steir and Myself’s film Coelacanth Dream, Here are some stills from David Lynch’s filming of Twin Peaks.

braille graffiti, one of my favorite kinds.

Honeycomb Vase.

Does God promote Altruism?

Turns out the Appendix DOES have a purpose. Makes total sense, hell, thats what raw foodism’s all about, right?

Happy finals everyone.