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Off Modern

An artist collective based out of South London (Elephant & Castle, if you’ve ever taken the brown line to the southern most stop).


Trash Humpers

#161 – Timepiece – by xela222
(stare at the center – ticks like a clock)

Panda Bear “Slow Motion” (unofficial)


Video Re-Encoded into YouTube’s MP4 codec 1000 times.


“Recently I’ve been using Epson inkjet printers and flatbed scanners as tools to make works that act like drawings, paintings, even sculptures. I spend a lot of time with books and so logically I’ve ended up using pages from books as material- pages torn from books and fed through an inkjet printer. I’ve been using a very pared down vocabulary of simple shapes and letters drawn or typed in Microsoft Word, then printed on top of these pages from catalogues, magazines, posters- and even blank canvas. The resulting images aren’t exactly what the machines are designed for- slick digital photographs. There is often a struggle between the printer and my material- and the traces of this are left on the surface- snags, drips, streaks, mis-registrations, blurs.”