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Let’s LEGO!


Kai Krause: The True Size of Africa


Jim Henson. There is a touring exhibition I just saw of the mans work’s, my favorite feature (besides everything else) a short film he made called Time Piece. I highly recommend it.
“We aren’t inheriting the world from our parents, we’re borrowing it from our children.”

Climate Change. It causes wars and population decline, now a fact. The amount of “if climate change, than” statements are building.

Reverse Engineered Stem Cells. Hows that for ethical?

The dollar sinks. From several sources I’ve been following this. Apparently Hugo Chavez recently even proclaimed the end of the American Empire.

Life. It may have started multiple times in multiple ways on Earth. Which would make total sense if the conditions were right, and we think there would be life on other plants equally hospitable.

Presidential Campaign Spots. A review by slate, pretty good stuff. Missing a couple though.

Open Air. A short documentary regarding street art. “Finding that loophole it became a real bad problem, and a real piece of art.”

Close Encounters. A great insight into the chinging mind of a director. A commentary on Patriarchy? have been thinking a lot about that lately.