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Link: API Status

Tumblr is not listed = tumblr is not worth developing.


The truth is that the development sector, just like any other business, needs revenue to survive. Too frequently, this quest for funding uses these kind of dehumanizing images to draw pity, charity, and eventually donations from a largely unsuspecting public. I found it outrageous that such an incomplete and often inaccurate story was being so widely perpetuated by the organizations on the ground — the very ones with the ability and the responsibility to communicate the realities of rural Africa accurately.

Duncan McNicholl
I couldn’t agree more, having spent some time in East Africa last year.

According to Jack Killen, a friend of mine who does research in african development, it’s probably in at least one electronic device in your house right now. It is also fueling the war in the Congo.

Here’s the wikipedia article.

Flattr Accounts Cannot Be Deleted Easily. Enough said. I have no idea how to delete it, if it is possible at all. Likewise, I have no real control over the finances section of my dashboard. Where are the controls/information for the “monthly” withdraw thing. Come on guys, this is like alpha testing stuff, not public beta. You could easily be sued, depending on your privacy policy.

Also, I like the language filter, but still no one uses this thing the way I imagined. Great stuff continually goes unnoticed. Likewise, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of English users, or artists, or communities, or anything like that, and I wish I had my money back. Maybe I’ll try this again later when I don’t feel like I’m paying to do something I should be being paid for.