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One of the things that you realize when you’re in my seat is that, typically, the issues that come to my desk — there are no simple answers to them. Usually what I’m doing is operating on the basis of a bunch of probabilities: I’m looking at the best options available based on the fact that there are no easy choices. If there were easy choices, somebody else would have solved it, and it wouldn’t have come to my desk.

Obama in ‘Obama in Command’ in the Rolling Stone

There’s some really good stuff in here, I particularly liked what he had to say about the ending of the Iraq war and the plan in Afghanistan on page 3. On page 5 there is some stuff about MMS and the BP oil spill, as well as global warming—which on page 6 he says he’s going to throw the whole weight of the presidency behind, eventually, like he did on health care. And then there’s the cathartic bit at the end about music and getting people to participate in democracy. Anyway, worth a read, certainly.

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