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Link: Sean Parker in Vanity Fair

The character played by Justin Timberlake in the movie “The Social Network” was just features in Vanity Fair.

Parker’s high-school hacking bust seems itself cinematic: a down-home version of a Matthew Broderick scene from WarGames. The teenager had been sitting in the family den, all night, drilling deeply into the bowels of a Fortune 500 company, which he refuses to name. Back then he had a hobby, he says, of hacking into different sorts of organizations, keeping a file of .com, .edu, .mil, and .gov Internet domains he had penetrated in various countries around the world. His goal was to break into one of each type in a laundry list of countries. He claims that once inside he usually alerted the system administrator—from his or her own e-mail—to vulnerabilities he had discovered.

There’s also a bit where Parker goes on a bit in almost manifesto fashion about the “O.K.”-ization of drugs and rock music as a form of repression. Interesting, and followed shortly by “This all probably sounds incredibly pretentious and narcissistic.”

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