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The Misconception: People who are losing at the game of life must have done something to deserve it.
The Truth: The benefactors of good fortune often did nothing to deserve it, and bad people often get away with their actions without consequences.

The Misconception: Memories are played back like recordings.
The Truth: Memories are constructed anew each time from whatever information is currently available, which makes things like eyewitness testimony unreliable.

The Misconception: Fines curb bad behavior.
The Truth: If you perceive the cost of a fine as less than the social cost of the bad behavior, it will cause the bad behavior to increase.

The Misconception: Knowing a person’s history makes it easier to determine what sort of person they are.
The Truth: You jump to conclusions based on how representative a person seems to be of a preconceived character type.

You are not so smart.

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