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I think this fellow is right on the money

This means that the (currently) the money does not yet flow from consumers to content creators but from one content creator to another. The biggest nut to crack will be to actually get consumers to participate in the system.

It is an interesting service, I’m not sure how it will be received, but I think you’re right on the money with this post. The problem right now is there are a lot of people who just produce and share content, and less that consume it. Likewise, the incentives for the site are just backwards. Why would you sign up to pay for something that’s already free unless you thought you were going to get paid. It’s an instant pyramid scheme. If you do make any money, it’s most likely that you may just break even (statistically speaking, I imagine that’s probably likely, but I’m no statistician)

Regardless, There are plenty of other things that the service could definitely use (if it worked in the most ideal way). Community building stuff (channels, groups, style neighbors, etc), as well as individuals to set up premium content that can only be viewed if someone flattrs something. It’d be nice if there were a way to delete accounts, too. Right now once you sign up, it’ll take money from your bank account every month until eternity. Likewise, the payments and collection system is primitive as hell. Clearly, it’s still in beta, and has a long way to go before public release. Moreover, it’s still really new, so I’ll give it a shot for awhile longer.

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