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Saw Andrew Bird last night (with The Loop). Layers and layers later, I came out pretty dazed. He’s kind of a photoshop artist of music, if you will, switching between groups of layers, and re-imagining the surface frame. Probably, especially as a result of the loop station, but also the string reverb, one of the most influential artists to me (hold for; fog, doseone, why?, m. ward, radiohead, sigur ros). The set though, incredible. The set played on the armchair apocrypha idea, all carpeted, has a whirling horn speaker for visual and audio affect. Amazing. I can’t get enough props. Never can get enough of the doseone metaphor props, like the cash count beat (“everything-on-top-just-gravy” — occurs at about 2:25 in the following video link) of The Sound of a Handshake. Also, no one will ever hear what was played again (back the the Andrew Bird watch), he’s all riff and jazz fun when solo.

Sensitive to the Russia space lately. Saw this graphic novel, I’d like to read it. The Wall, by Peter Sis.

How about the photos in the art section of the NYT today, by the way: Auschwitz, from the SS perspective. Their smiles are beyond broad.

Fish first evolved and exploded in population during the Devonian period of the Paeleozoic Era, over 400 million years ago. One of the first fish, an early bony, lobe-finned fish, was highly sought after during the late 30’s by scientists in West Africa (an era with a climate presumably appropriate for this particularly prehistoric animal). The name of this fish was Coelacanth, pronounced (see-la-canth).

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  1. this fish is ooogly, damn

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